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My camera is quite dirty. Is sensor cleaning Ivybridge possible?

If the issue involves water damage, sand damage or excessive amounts of dust or mud, a very thorough camera cleaning service for Ivybridge customers will be needed and the team shall advise you on this.

What is the cost of DSLR sensor cleaning Ivybridge?

The cost of sensor cleaning Ivybridge is determined by the camera brand, model and the type of sensor inside your camera.

The repair centre offers a professional sensor cleaning service for APS-H (large crop), full frame DSLR and Micro 4/3 sensors at an affordable cost.

Can I clean the camera sensor myself?

If you are not well trained in camera sensor cleaning, you may risk further damage to the camera sensor.

The worst scenario is damaging the camera sensor during a clean with shoddy cleaning products and methods. A damaged camera sensor is pricey and quite often uneconomical to repair.

Save money and time with expert camera sensor cleaning Ivybridge.

How often does my camera need sensor cleaning Ivybridge?

The service intervals of sensor cleaning Ivybridge is dependent upon the frequency of use and the conditions that your camera is in contact with. For example if you take out your camera for holidays in hot conditions or you bring it to the sea, sensor cleaning will need to be carried out more frequently.

When you want clear images for important events, let My Cam Mend help with a sensor cleaning service from the repair centre.

Camera Sensor Cleaning Ivybridge

Professional sensor cleaning Ivybridge for DSLR cameras at affordable prices. The technicians offer camera sensor cleaning for APS-C sensors (also known as cropped sensors) and the more complex full-frame sensors to a great standard.

If you have spent hundreds or perhaps thousands of pounds on your DSLR camera, why risk breaking the camera sensor - the most fragile and important component in your digital camera?

Sensor cleaning Ivybridge is a common request from customers and the camera repairers always try their best as reflected by the recent testimonials - a national service with a honest approach towards camera repairs and servicing.

For DSLR sensor cleaning Ivybridge, simply complete the online form or give the repair centre a call today for expert advice and further information on the services being provided.

Sensor cleaning Ivybridge

Sensor Cleaning Service Ivybridge

The image sensor on your DSLR is responsible for capturing light and converting it into electronic signals. Current image sensors used in the industry are complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) and semiconductor charge-coupled devices (CCD).

Over time dirt, debris and condensation can accumulate on the camera body and sensor. Common symptoms of a contaminated image sensor include dark spots or dark smudges on images (also know as dust bunnies). This fault is most noticeable when you're shooting on a clear background e.g. blue sky shots. If you've have cleaned your camera lenses and are still finding this issue, you will need sensor cleaning.

Camera sensor cleaning service Ivybridge is provided for individuals and businesses requiring a professional service. The technicians offer sensor cleaning for interchangeable lens cameras by most brands including:

• Pentax
• Olympus
• Sony
• Samsung
• Fujifilm
• Canon
• Nikon

Camera sensor cleaning services is also undertaken for most other camera manufacturers and models including high-end medium format cameras.

Sensor cleaning Ivybridge typically involves the technician checking the focussing screen, viewfinder, mirror, pins and contacts before cleaning the LCD monitor, chamber and sensor using the most compatible cleaning products and tools. Your camera will be promptly cleaned and returned back to your premises.

Get sensor cleaning Ivybridge by filling in the website form with your contact details and a brief description of the service needed. Alternatively please ring the repair centre via the number provided.

Recent Enquires

hi, I have a pentax k5 with spots/dust on the sensor. I have tried cleaning this but the cleaning kits always seem to leave some traces on the sensor (different places so not surface marking, just cleaner residue) can you quote price and turn around for cleaning and dust removal from the focus screen (recently replaced) please?thanks


just a single small piece of dust on the sensor, visible as a dark circle on each image.


i need to get the sensor cleaned for a nikon d700. please let me know your pricing for the cleaning process and how quickly can this be done?thankssaikat


dirty sensor requires cleaning


nikon d610 sensor clean


two sd card slots are not working and sensor needs a clean, there is a mark as you look through so unsure if the mirrors just needs cleaning.


camera images have spots on them from dust, needs to have sensor cleaned


sensor clean and a service


himy camera has had a few dust spots on the sensor which ive been meaning to clean for a while. however having not used it for a few months I tried it yesterday and found it had developed a small patch of mildew type fungus on the sensor giving a cobwebby appearance at the edge of photos. I was wondering whether it will be possible to clean this or whether ill need a new camera thanks


hi my full frame nikon d610 sensor is dirty and needs cleaning. I dont see any oil or fingerprints only dust spots. could you please give me a quotecheersnicola


hi, just wondering how much it would cost for a nikon d3300 sensor clean? kind regards, james


no problems just after a price for a service and sensor clean on a nikon d5300. purchased second hand 2 months ago and as a beginner I want to ensure everything is as it should be‘ thanks