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My camera is quite dirty. Is sensor cleaning Birmingham possible?

If the problem involves water damage, sand damage or excessive amounts of dust or mud, a very thorough camera cleaning service for Birmingham customers will be required and the team shall advise you on this.

What is the cost of DSLR sensor cleaning Birmingham?

The cost of sensor cleaning Birmingham is dependent upon the camera make, model and the type of sensor inside your camera.

The repair centre offers a professional sensor cleaning service for APS-H (large crop), full frame DSLR and Micro 4/3 sensors at a low cost.

Should I clean the camera sensor myself?

If you are not experienced in camera sensor cleaning, you may risk additional damage to the camera sensor.

The worst scenario is scratching the camera sensor during a clean with unsuitable cleaning products and methods. A faulty camera sensor is expensive and very often uneconomical to repair.

Save time and money with expert camera sensor cleaning Birmingham.

How often does my camera require sensor cleaning Birmingham?

The frequency of sensor cleaning Birmingham is determined by the frequency of use and the working environment that your camera is exposed to. For example if you take out your camera for holidays in humid conditions or you bring it to the ocean, sensor cleaning will need to be completed more often.

When you need clear images for important events, let My Cam Mend assist with a sensor cleaning service from the repair centre.

Camera Sensor Cleaning Birmingham

Expert sensor cleaning Birmingham for DSLR cameras at competitive prices. The technicians offer camera sensor cleaning for APS-C sensors (also known as cropped sensors) and the more complex full-frame sensors to a high quality standard.

If you have spent hundreds or perhaps thousands of pounds on your DSLR camera, why risk breaking the camera sensor - the most fragile and important component in your digital camera?

Sensor cleaning Birmingham is a common request from customers and the camera repairers always try their best as reflected by the recent testimonials - a national service with a customer orientated approach towards camera repairs and servicing.

For DSLR sensor cleaning Birmingham, simply complete the online form or give the repair centre a call today for expert advice and further information on the services being offered.

Sensor cleaning Birmingham

Sensor Cleaning Service Birmingham

The image sensor on your DSLR is responsible for capturing light and converting it into electronic signals. Current image sensors used in the industry are complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) and semiconductor charge-coupled devices (CCD).

Over time dirt, debris and condensation can accumulate on the camera body and sensor. Common symptoms of a contaminated image sensor include dark spots or dark smudges on images (also know as dust bunnies). This fault is most noticeable when you're shooting on a clear background e.g. blue sky shots. If you've have cleaned your camera lenses and are still finding this issue, you will need sensor cleaning.

Camera sensor cleaning service Birmingham is provided for individuals and businesses requiring a professional service. The technicians offer sensor cleaning for interchangeable lens cameras by most brands including:

• Pentax
• Olympus
• Sony
• Samsung
• Fujifilm
• Canon
• Nikon

Camera sensor cleaning services is also offered for most other camera manufacturers and models including high-end medium format cameras.

Sensor cleaning Birmingham typically involves the technician checking the focussing screen, viewfinder, mirror, pins and contacts before cleaning the LCD monitor, chamber and sensor using the most suitable cleaning products and tools. Your camera will be quickly cleaned and returned back to your property.

Receive sensor cleaning Birmingham by enquiring with the online form with your contact details and a quick description of the service required. Alternatively please ring the repair centre via the number shown.

Recent Enquires

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please could you quote for a camera sensor clean and service on my a200. also please include lens serviceclean for the sal1855 lens and sal75300.thanks


there are marks on my dslr when I look through the viewfinder I am not sure whether this is from the sensor or not but I would like a full clean of the camera please


just looking for quote at the moment for cleaning oily spots on sensor of nikon d7000


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i got canon eos 1300d, there is a a problem with sensor because everytime I take the picture, there is a black dot in it. I just want to ask for estimate price of repair


i would like to know the adress of your shop so I can bring my camera to you directly as im not sure whether the dust is on the mirror or the sensor. I would also like to know what the cost would be more or less.thanks in advance


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hello, I have 3 distinct dust spots on sensor on nikon d500, how quick is turnaround and ~ cost?is there a drop off point or delivery addresskind regards,robert