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Can water damaged DSLR cameras be fixed?

Water damaged DSLR camera repairs for Bognor Regis customers can be quite tricky as extensive parts replacement is often required due to corrosion and blown electronics but this DSLR repair service is offered where possible.

How long do DSLR camera repairs for Bognor Regis take?

The repair centre aim to complete all DSLR camera repairs for Bognor Regis as quickly as possible, and you can anticipate a quick turnaround time. The precise amount of time needed for a DSLR repair will depend upon the camera model and issue with it. The repair centre will be happy to provide you with an estimated date of completion on request.

How much will DSLR camera repair Bognor Regis cost?

My Cam Mend aims to offer customers professional DSLR repairs Bognor Regis at fair prices. In most cases, a camera repair is cheaper than a replacement. It's also environmentally friendly as you're not throwing it away and buying a new one.

I own a professional DSLR camera. Can the staff repair it?

The camera repairers at the camera repair centre are able to repair DSLR cameras used by professional photographers. If you own a digital medium format camera, the team can help as well. With previous clients including The BBC , insurance companies and several high street retailers, your DSLR camera. is in secure hands.

For further assistance or prices regarding DSLR repair Bognor Regis, please connect with the repair centre today.

DSLR Repair Bognor Regis

When your DSLR camera develops a fault, is damaged, or needs a service, it can be a challenge to find a reliable and competitively priced repair service.

DSLR camera repair for Bognor Regis is undertaken by professional technicians who have experience in servicing Nikon DSLR, Canon EOS, Sony Alpha, Panasonic Lumix, Samsung NX and Olympus OM-D cameras to name but a few examples.

We understand that many customers require high quality DSLR camera repairs for Bognor Regis and the technicians provide this service for individuals and businesses. Customers are pleased with the superb repair work and good communication from camera repair centre. This is shown by the recent testimonials on this website.

So why not contact the courteous and professional technicians today? To book your DSLR camera repair Bognor Regis, simply complete the online form, or just give the repair centre a call during business hours.

DSLR camera repair Bognor Regis

DSLR Repair Service Bognor Regis

With high street camera repair shops in steady decline, this is increasingly causing problems for both amateur and professional photographers when DSLR camera repair Bognor Regis are required.

The skilled team have experience in the industry, and aim to offer customers a service that combines high quality camera repairs with cost-effective prices and excellent customer service.

Some of the DSLR camera repairs for Bognor Regis that the repair centre offers includes:

• Focusing issues
• Sensor cleaning
• Damaged hardware
• Faulty lenses
• Socket replacements

The professional technicians are also able to carry out effective repairs for less commonly occurring faults, so please do not hesitate to contact My Cam Mend if your DSLR problem is not listed.

For extra reassurance, that a repair has been completed to a high standard, a warranty covering parts is supplied with DSLR camera repairs for Bognor Regis. DSLR camera repair Bognor Regis are conducted at a purpose built repair centre, using a courier network to ensure all equipment is transferred safely.

The service centre aims to offer a service that is centred around the customer and the staff will be happy to provide you with advice on camera care. All you need to do is use the online form, including your contact details and a brief summary of the fault. Alternatively, you can call the service centre during business hours.

Recent Enquires

our dslr canon camera has a fault, which we cannot work out. it showing error code x I read on your website that you`ll be able to fix this type of error. i`ve tried ringing you, but you had closed. I live in the didsbury area of manchester. please contact me so I can get a quote to fix the camera. my mobile is best, or landline x x x I have an 8 month baby and the camera has been broke since before xmas, so am missing being able to take quality photos of him. many thanks.


i have got 3 dslr cameras all need fixing 2 nixon d3200 1 of them will not power on 2 turns on but keeps say this battery is not compatible with this camrea have tried buying new battery I also put original nikon battery but nothing. 3 camera is nikon d5100 this one works takes photos but when I try to switch from the view finder to screen don`t work


hi there,my canon dslr 100d won`t seem to focus, I can`t figure out whether it`s the lens or the camera itself that`s having the problem and wanted to see if it`s possible to have it repaired / looked at.all the best,dan foley


pop up flash on my canon dslr no longer pops up. what are my chances of getting it repaired by 23rd june?! thanks


my canon 7d has what I believe to be a shutter issue, whenever the shutter is released the mirror does not flip up as should however the mechanism that fires the image works fine leaving me with blurry black images as mirror is motionless. I have tried numerous methods to reset the shutter, in bulb mode, in manual mode trying each individual shutter speed and even trying things such as live view or video recording mode, all of which leave the same results. I have even tried different lens combinations to try any sort of shutter reset but no luck, this problem started about 2 years ago after a previous 2 years with no real issues, for such a durable camera its irritating how such a seemingly small fault is disrupting the entire use of the camera. I have a bit of experience in dslr maintenance but I dont want to take it apart because the issue is in such an important place, any advice would be greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance!


i have a canon dslr 1100dthe focussing screen is damaged and needs replacing, and the camera needs a general clean inside. are you able to accomodate?thank you.


hello.please could you tell me the cost and timescale in regards to servicing a canon eos500d dslr and also a canon 70-300mm f4-5.6 is usm lens.thank you


i have a panasonic lumix fz100 dslr and would a price for a replacement screen and broken zoom button and service


i have an olympus e620 dslr with 3 different lenses. the autofocus function has ceased to operate and I cannot use manual focus. I had previously used the camera in very poor / wet weather in iceland. while the camera functioned perfectly well at that time, I wonder if water damage may be the problem? I have tried to reset the camera to factory settings but still no joy. I have used all 3 lenses on an earlier olympus model and that is working well. I live in france but will be returning to the northeast for christmas. would you be able to examine / repair the camera if I bring it with me. no date fixed as yet for my return.


hello, I have a pentax k-30 dslr. there is a problem with the €aperture control block`. all pictures below about f20 come out very dark (just black screen under f14). apparently this is a fairly common issue with some pentax models? would you be able to let me know if it is something you could replace and how much it would cost. kind regardsjack abbott


i have a mark on my sensor on my dslr canon mark 4, not sure if scratched or just needs cleaning. it shows up as black dots in my photos. i`m over here travelling from australia, staying in leiston for 2 days (29th and 30th june). just wondering if i`d be able to get it fixed during those two days? email me to let me know. thanks


hi. ive got dslr nikon d3300 camera. has focusing issue. sometimes does it work or not. try on couple lenses as I thought that my be proplem with build in lens motor in my favourite one but problem occure on different one too. are you able to help me and fix it.many thanks malgorzata gonciarz