Camera Water Damage
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Camera Water Damage Repairs Swanscombe

Camera water damage repair Swanscombe at the large repair centre using compatible replacement parts and specialist repair techniques.

Water damaged cameras are tricky to repair due to the short circuiting of electrical components alongside ongoing corrosion from residual contaminants such as pesticides, debris, oil and salt.

Extensive parts replacement alongside thorough disassembly and cleaning of the digital camera is required for camera water damage repair Swanscombe.

Providing a great customer experience is very important to the team as reflected by the recent testimonials sent by customers in the UK.

To request a camera water damage repair for Swanscombe, simply call the independent repair centre or use the online form provided on this website for a prompt response back during opening hours.

Camera water damage repair Swanscombe

Camera Water Damage Repair Service Swanscombe

As cameras become increasingly more complex the number of features improves alongside the importance of electrical components.

These components are quite sensitive to environmental conditions and are designed for temperate climates.

However many of us are now visiting tropical rainforests, wetlands or beaches to take fantastic photos. These wet and humid environments can create issues with your digital camera however.

For practical advice and assistance regarding camera water damage repairs Swanscombe, My Cam Mend can help with a express digital camera repair service.

The first steps to take when your camera is water damaged, is to quickly take out the battery and memory camera.

This will prevent further short circuiting of camera parts and data loss. The camera should than be placed in a bag of rice or with silica gel packets.

Depending on the type, manufacturer and model, the experienced team offer water damage repairs for camera lenses, DSLR and digital cameras.

Although water damage camera repairs for Swanscombe are not always successful, the team have experience in repairing digital cameras from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, Pentax and Olympus to name but a few examples to a professional condition again.

A camera can suffer water damage from a variety of sources including condensation, soft drinks, wine, beer, rainwater, mud and seawater to name but a few examples.

The damage to a camera can be considerable with common symptoms being:

• Auto focus issues
• Blank viewfinder
• Foggy lens
• No playback
• Not turning on
• Batteries quickly draining
• Error messages

Many other defects with digital cameras resulting from water damage can be serviced at the large repair centre. For further convenience, a collection and delivery is included as well.

For camera water damage repairs Swanscombe, simple contact the team with the enquiry form or give the team a ring with the number displayed.


Are camera repairs Swanscombe for water damage costly?

each water damaged digital camera must be looked at on a case by case basis before an estimate for camera repair swanscombe can be provided. any number of camera parts can have become damaged and the longer you delay a camera repair, the more likely that corrosion from residual contaminants will a camera repair service not possible. clients tend to ask about camera repairs for water damage when it is a high end dslr or if the camera has high sentimental value.

How long will camera repairs Swanscombe for water damage take?

most camera repairs for swanscombe have fast turnaround times but water damaged cameras will always take longer to repair due to the workload required and difficulty in rectifying water damage.

The camera lens is foggy from humidity?

storing the camera lens in an airtight container with silica gel can help clean up lingering moisture but mould growth in the future is always a possibility. as such camera sensor cleaning for swanscombe customers at the repair centre is always advised.

Are liquid damaged camera repairs Swanscombe 100% successful?

although the team try their best, camera repair swanscombe for water damage is not always successful. the age of the camera and the extent of the water damage are all deciding factors. the staff always provide a honest assessment of the work required and advice if a repair is cost prohibitive.

Recent Enquires

the buttons/dials don`t work, if I go to change the settings it will take me into menu and then it goes nuts. this is suspected water damage after being caught in the rain minutes before this happened.


got water damage on holiday ... error on top of camera window ... monitor screen at back not working how much usually to repair body thank youstu


water damage


it won`t turn on at all - I believe its water damage (as it got absolutely soaked)camera is a canon eos 4000d