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The lens barrel on my camera is stuck?

If the camera lens is stuck, the most likely reason is mechanical failure caused by parts failure over time or foreign objects that are lodged inside the camera. The camera lens repairs for Exeter cover lens barrel problems for most brands and models.

Why should I not attempt a DIY lens clean?

Camera lens cleaning by an amateur risk scratching of the lens which equals blurry photos. Camera lens cleaning for Exeter is carried out by professional technicians.

Can I get an insurance report for SLR lens repair Exeter?

Yes, the staff provide insurance reports for camera lens repair Exeter as a chargeable service. This is deducted from the total cost of the lens repair if the quote is accepted.

I can see fungal growth on my camera lenses?

This common camera lens problem occurs when dirty lenses are left in dark, humid conditions for extended periods of times. Camera lenses should always be stored in see through containers with silica gel packets, to inhibit fungal growth.

The team are experts in camera lens cleaning Exeter for this issue and more e.g. condensation in the lens.

Camera Lens Repairs Exeter

Nationwide camera lens repair Exeter by professional technicians at affordable prices.

The staff understand that a lens collection takes considerable time and investment to build up. It is therefore a very sensible idea to get your camera lenses repaired and serviced.

The camera lens repairs are quick and dependable as the camera service centre keeps large stocks of high grade camera parts for lens repairs.

The team undertake camera lens repairs Exeter that cover most camera lens brands including:

• Zeiss lenses
• Sony Alpha lenses
• Pentax lenses
• Canon EF lenses
• Olympus M.ZUIKO lenses
• Sigma lenses
• Nikon Nikkor lenses

These are just a few of the camera lens repaired, cleaned and serviced for amateur and professional photographers.

For further information on camera lens repairs Exeter, simply enquire with the online form or give the repair centre a phone during opening hours.

Camera lens repair Exeter

SLR Lens Repair Exeter

Fast camera lens repair Exeter by the experts in the camera repair industry.

The camera repair centre offers camera lens repairs for Exeter customers that include domestic clients and commercial clients. With previous clients including Argos, Marks & Spencer, Police Forces, Debenhams, Pavilion Insurance, The BBC and Cornhill Insurance your camera lenses are in expert hands.

All camera lens repairs are completed by teams of skilled technicians using the best tools and spare parts when necessary.

The camera lens repairs can repair most lens errors including:

• Cracked lens
• Fungal growth
• Condensation
• Lens blur
• Pincushion distortion
• Loss of contrast
• Chromatic aberration
• Faulty focus
• Faulty zoom

This is just a small selection of camera lens defects which can be fixed at the repair centre. All camera lens repairs for Exeter come with a warranty alongside thorough fault testing for added peace of mind. Lens cleaning for Exeter will get rid of fingerprints and oily smudges which can can damage the anti-reflection coating of the lens if left alone.

Excellent customer service is vital to the camera lens service being provided as shown by the recent testimonials from delighted customers. With UK coverage, a SLR lens repair is offered by a fuss-free collection and delivery service from a home or work address.

Don't delay in getting camera lens repair Exeter or lens cleaning. Contact with the team with the camera lens form or with the telephone number shown.

Recent Enquires

canon 17-85mm usm lens focus hunting and error 01 until autofocus failed completely.also needs a full service.please quote separately if possible?


hi, I have a fuji xt-10 and have x2 lenses with some surface this something you are able to repair and are you able to offer a rough cost, please?many thanks


several lenses and dslr require cleaning from mildue and mould growth.


i have a meyer-optik gorlitz 50mm x lens and it has fungus so I need it cleaned and fungus, haze and dust removed. how much would this cost in total including vat please? please note I prefer to be emailed but if you have to phone please make sure your number is not hidden as I don`t answer to those unidentified numbers. many thanks


sigma dc 18-50 1:2.8 wont auto focus. focus switch seems to be damaged. focus ring will not turn when the lens is in auto focus mode.


lens nikon: af-s 55-200mm f/4-5.6g dx.the part that fits the camera is broken. so the lens isnot fixed to the camera.


possible fungus on lens


my fuji x-pro camera will not recognise my 27mm fujinon prime lens. when it is attached to the body, it asks for the camera to be turned off then on. I have tried other lenses which work, and have checked the contacts on the lens itself, so I am confident it is something else. are you able to examine and repaint the lens if I drop it to you? if so, what is the expected turnaround time for the repair (i am leaving chichester on the 11th september but ideally would like the lens back on the 8th as I will be at the goodwood revival and would love to use it!)thanksjon


i have an 80mm schneider lens that seems to some dust in it I have a picture I can send.thanksjamie


camera: digital ixus 9515does not turn on (lens error). pls provide quote/procedure for repair. thanks


lens makes strange clunking noise when camera is switched on. it will not focus. the camera (a6000) cannot consistently access aperture information. when calling up the focus menu (single shot, continuous, manual etc), the camera sometimes brings up an error dialogue - lens! invalid because the lens not attached. attach the lens telephoto lens works on the a6000 normally.


hicould you tell me the price of removing an early stage of fungus on canon 24-70l lens?thanks