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Request camera LCD screen repair Swanscombe


I dropped my digital camera and broke the LCD screen. Is it worth fixing?

A common question asked by Swanscombe customers, it depends upon the age, model and make of your digital camera.

Some camera LCD screens are cost-effective to repair whilst other LCD screens cost more than the a replacement digital camera. The independent repair centre will always aim to provide the best possible camera LCD screen repairs for Swanscombe at a competitive cost.

My camera LCD screen is not displaying and it is under warranty?

When your camera is still under warranty, we recommend contacting the manufacturer first unless you have accidentally damaged your digital camera as the limited warranty will be void.

The camera screen repairs for Swanscombe from independent specialists are often cheaper and faster than the manufacturers service centre, which has an interest in you buying the latest camera over repairing it.

My digital camera LCD screen is dim?

Before requesting a camera LCD screen repair for Swanscombe, it is advisable to go through the following procedures.

Ensure the camera battery is fully charged and not fault. On the vast majority digital cameras you are able to adjust or turn off the LCD backlight.

Finally a factory reset of your camera may resolve this issue.

The LCD screen on my camera is badly scratched?

A scratched or scuffed LCD camera screen can be repaired at a competitive price within a quick time frame.

The team undertake independent camera LCD screen replacement for Swanscombe customers covering most of digital camera models on the market (subject to parts being available).

Camera LCD Screen Replacement Swanscombe

Expert camera LCD screen repair Swanscombe at a large repair centre based in the UK. The technicians are dedicated to repair your digital camera swiftly and to a high standard.

Since they are independent specialists you will not get any sales talk regarding extended warranties or buying the newest model or accessories - just a fast and detailed response regarding camera LCD screen repairs for Swanscombe customers.

A helpful and professional approach is taken towards camera LCD screen replacement Swanscombe as shown by the recent testimonials from clients in the UK. A sample of clients that the service centre has worked with include insurers, high street retailers, police forces and media outlets to name but a few examples.

Whatever faults you are finding with your camera LCD screen, let the team help today. All you need to do is phone the independent service centre or fill in the online form shown.

Camera LCD screen repair Swanscombe

Digital Camera Screen Repair Swanscombe

The team conduct camera LCD screen repairs Swanscombe for most camera manufacturers including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung and Sony entry level and professional cameras.

These are just some of the camera manufacturers that the team have replaced LCD screens on. From compact camera systems to professional medium format cameras. During a camera LCD screen repair, the damaged screen will be skilfully removed and replaced with a new screen.

Most LCD screens on digital camera come as modular units whilst other camera manufacturers might use solder adhesive to keep the screen in place. Only suitable screens are obtained for camera screen repairs before testing and reassembly.

Common issues with camera screens include:

• Dark screen
• Screen bleed
• Shattered LCD screen
• Not turning on
• Scratched camera screen
• No picture in shooting mode
• Horizontal lines on LCD screen

A collection and delivery service is available for camera LCD screen repairs. The team can arrange collection from any home or work premises, whatever is more convenient. A warranty on camera screen repairs Swanscombe is included as well for further peace of mind that the work has been carried out to a great standard.

Arrange digital camera screen repairs for Swanscombe with the online form. Alternatively please speak to the team by calling them today.

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hi the lcd screen isnt actually broken on the outside but the picture is blacked out and looks like it has a crack down the picture image. please can you let me know how much it will cost to repair and how long it will take. I am in clapham junction tomorrow afternoon and could drop it off then thanks kerry


when taking a photo the image taken is out of line with what you have actually taken. then picture is over to the left of what you see through the view finder or on the screen on the camera


hi the camera screen stopped working. I think it may have been caused by being left in a hot car. still takes good piccies but screen is so dark it cannot be seen there is some feed to it though but not bright enough to see. I live in france but ill be in bristol for a couple of days between friday 25th sept through to friday 2nd oct. please contact me by email the telephone number is my sisters and she wont be able to help you.


error code 99 on screen when trying to take pictures. been through the options from the web cleaned contacts tried different lens still same. seems to be an issue with the flash


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replacement screen on a sony alpha a55 I would supply the screen as it takes a long time to ship from america which is the only place u can get it from


when I go to view my pictures videos it comes up with read error. I have uploaded all of my pictures and videos to my laptop and it is acknowledging that they are there but it wont let me view them.