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Arrange camera flash repair Kingsteignton


Can the technicians service camera flash accessories?

The repair centre does not repair detachable camera flash units but the horse shoe can be replaced on most camera makes and models if required. For integrated digital camera flash repair Kingsteignton, the repair centre is here to help you.

My digital camera is liquid damaged and the camera flash no longer works?

Camera flash repair Kingsteignton involving this type of damage will often require extensive parts replacement as liquids are quite corrosive to electronics but this service is offered by the service centre. For helpful advice in regards to water damaged camera flash repairs, My Cam Mend can assist.

Are digital camera flash repairs Kingsteignton cost-effective?

Most camera flash units are can be repaired at a competitive cost but it depends upon the manufacturer, model and age of the digital camera in question. Whatever problems you're having with a camera flash unit, My Cam Mend aims to offer assistance where possible.

I need an insurance quote for camera flash repair Kingsteignton?

This is an chargeable service supplied by the repair centre which is taken off the total cost of the camera flash repair for Kingsteignton is the quote is agreed upon.

Camera Flash Repairs Kingsteignton

For reliable camera flash repairs Kingsteignton Devon, My Cam Mend can help by helping you find independent experts offer camera repairs at a affordable cost.

Excellent customer service is important to the service being provided as shown by the recent testimonials from clients throughout the UK. When you need digital camera flash repairs for Kingsteignton, you know the staff will always provide you with informative advice.

So when your camera doesn't working, don't throw it away. A repair is often achievable and the cost is much less than a replacement camera.

To request a camera flash repair for Kingsteignton, just complete the website form with your contact information and a brief description of the camera flash problem for a prompt answer back.

Camera flash repair Kingsteignton

Digital Camera Flash Repair Kingsteignton

Integrated camera flash units on digital cameras are used to illuminate dark areas, enhance lightning or capture fast moving objects. Modern digital cameras use electronic flash units. The electronic circuitry will charge a high-capacity capacitor to several hundred volts before discharging it through the flash tube. Amateurs should therefore not try camera flash repairs due to the severe risk of electrical shock.

When the camera flash unit becomes damaged from general wear and tear and accidents e.g. dropping the camera, the repair centre can help. We offer camera flash repairs Kingsteignton for the top manufacturers including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Panasonic, Olympus and more (subject to parts availability).

Some of the problems you might be having with a camera flash include:

• Flash not popping up
• Error codes
• Flash is intermittent
• Flash pops up but does not flash
• Faulty flash button

Whatever camera problems you are having, the technicians will try their best to resolve the issue. A damaged camera flash tube, capacitor or circuit board can be replaced if necessary. Each successful digital camera flash repair for Kingsteignton will include fault testing.

Camera flash repair Kingsteignton for commercial and domestic clients are provided Monday to Friday via a fuss-free collection and delivery service.

To arrange a camera flash repair for Kingsteignton, just give the team a ring or utilise in the online form for a response from the repair centre.

Recent Enquires

damaged compact flash slot. could you kindly provide an estimate


nikon d80 camera. also using sigma em x dg ring flash.i am a dentist and need depth of focus on my macro shots so all teeth are in focus. I therefore have my camera set on f22. over the last 12 months I have noticed that my photos have pixels on them. these disappear once you get below approx f5.6. you do not get them with any of my other lenses. I have had my set up for approx 5 years and this has never been an issue before. have sent sample images to nikon helpdesk who believe it may be a lens problem also rather than dslr sensor. your expert help and advice would be most gratefully received.kindest regardscraig


one of the bulbs has gone in the ring flash one still works


i have a nikon d40x and the flash has stopped working.. it looks like there is a little spring that has come of a pin inside the flash. I did manage to get the flash to go off while holding it but cannot get it to stay in position. is this something you might be able to sort out. the flash is very good so it makes the camera a real pain without it.


flash completely dead. tried new batteries


my flash has stopped working on my canon 7d. no clicking of micro switch or error message showing. pkease advise kind regards alan


flash problem the lock brocken and the flash not open


i often use canon speedlites on the hotshoe of my canon camera.the flash no longer consistently fires.i believe the issue is to do with the hotshoe not providing enough pressure to the flash as it feels slightly looser than it used to.if I take the flash off and clean the contacts I have a greater chance of the flash firing but it is now at the stage where I am having to do this far too often and would like the issue resolved.cheersrob.